Saturday, 25 June 2011

Free Traps

Twenty seven sweat marks did he not leave
Love never ages, love never wages
50 pennies did he not steal but the sky will forgive as long as its free
But never will life become night and never will love become thrust
Thou hearts are not hollow but filled with embrace of a soul thats not dead not lined with lace.


Messages with no answer
Return to daylight savings
Forgive, forget, remembered
Left alone with everyone
Just hits that start fights
thrown into worlds

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Seek And Hide

Hells never angels
Foreign times
Tightened love breaks loose
Books of knives
Life to yellow bricks
Typed hate
Knighted tigers
Forgotten smiles
Dingy dirt of disciples drops
Not yet proud
Uneasy bones

Saturday, 11 June 2011

No Eyes

A breath with no air
Yet a smile with no grin
Twisting not turning in sacraments from the sky
Come as you go
Telling the truth to societies weaknesses
never spin

A day in the life of God
In which you never wake
In which you'd never dream of
A day in the life of Jesus
In which you'd believe
In which you'd disappear
A day in life of Zeus
In which you don't deceive
In which you're not blind
Don't think, don't drink, don't be on the brink...

Monday, 30 May 2011

Founder Of Computing

Life as a arrow, but with no target
Life as a flower, but with no scent
Life as a idol, but with no followers
Divided greatness through average people
No rules, no laws, no doors to new worlds
Keeping it a secret, keeping it the truth
Switching lives with dumbfounded genocide's
Killing with no culture
Make those with will stop
Make those with hearts stop
Make those with life stop.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Broken Souls

Ready to be repaired, waiting to be mended
Needing to be fixed I lie about my age
Needing to be taken in I lie about my life
I know it will be alright in the end, I will be fixed and patched up, my broken soul will mend and live on
From the first time the pain struck me I knew I would have to be made, my dark eyes, my red mouth, my twisted smile, my raging nightmares
Don't be worried, once I'm corrected I'll be perfect
Cleaned up, I'll be cured
I'm not your puppet, I'm not your slave
Maybe that glimmer in my makers eyes will sharpen someday
Sometimes I wonder why the skies are blue and why the grass is green
Maybe I just think it's green, maybe I just think it's blue
The only way this could happen would be to get away from everyone, and be with you, us together
I admire the smirks from the co-engineers crafting the very hearts of life
Maybe someday I will escape and find a home in the wasteland of today
The barren fields ruined by poisonous weeds, rigid plains
The last of my kind
The last of my race
The last of my generation
Escapades make my life meaningful
Anywhere is beautiful when it's away from here
I wonder if theres life or if I'm alone
I know myself there will always be life, flowing through my veins, pumping through my heart
Unlucky me, though I'm never alone my minds my company it entertains, it thinks, it laughs, it walks, it talks, it helps